Geibel Catholic announces Homecoming Court and Queen – 2019

Homecoming 2019! Congratulations to Lauren Tomasko, the 2019 Homecoming Queen, who was escorted by Dillon Graham. Lauren received her crown from 2018 Homecoming Queen Nina Alvarez,who was escorted by Geibel Alumnus Harrison Schrock. The senior court consisted of Josie Bittner, escorted by Jake Marrioti, Gianna Kolencik, escorted by Ryan Rusko, Liz Kozel, escorted by Isaiah Krizner, and Echo Shaffer, escorted by Cole Kendall. Junior representative Matti Trimbath was escorted by Zach Allamon. Sophomore representative Katie Shinkle was escorted by Cullen Verbus. Freshman representative Abigail Karas was escorted by Aaron Garsteck. The beautiful day was topped off with a 6-2 Gator win over Washington High!

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