Golden Apple Winner Lisa Thackrah

Christ the Divine Teacher School, Latrobe

Last year, Lisa Thackrah and music students from Christ the Divine Teacher School, Latrobe, shined as they sang and played instruments at the A Celebration of Catholic Schools Breakfast.

This year, Thackrah will be one of the three Golden Apple Award recipients.

“It’s a huge honor. There are many great educators throughout our diocese, and I am very humbled to be selected this year. Truly humbled,” Thackrah said.

“I feel like the Golden Apple goes to my students; they’re the ones who shine. It’s a celebration of our school and what we have at Christ the Divine Teacher.”

Thackrah has been teaching at Christ the Divine Teacher School for 19 years. She currently teaches general music to students in pre-K through eighth grade and teaches religion for third-graders.

Thackrah credits the students for her passion for teaching.

“It’s all about the students. From the moment they walk into the door to the moment they walk out,” she said.

Music is a major part of Thackrah’s daily life, and she takes the time to help the students find their musical gifts.

“It’s all about instilling a love and appreciation of music in them and helping them to realize their God-given talents,” she said.

“Many students in our school have a gift of music. Even if it’s not their thing, my goal is to help them appreciate music.”

Thackrah said that when she hears the students sing and the instrumentalists lifting up their music, especially at Mass, she thinks, “This is where I am meant to be.

— Robin Mull

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