St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School make mats to be given to the homeless through STREAM project


St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School is in tune with innovation as well as society and its needs. As the school year progresses, students participate in project after project to help meet the needs of those around them while advancing their own education.

STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and mathematics) education allows students to explore many different avenues, which Nina Zetty, principal, believes will help them in their careers and lives.

“This program teaches children to think, problem solve and collaborate. Through the STREAM program, students in different grades work together for a common goal — to problem solve, create and discover,” she said.

Projects have included designing a device that involves five steps from start to completion of the task, whether it be ringing a bell or popping a balloon; researching an historical figure and portraying that person in wardrobe and speech; and making zoo habitat diagrams and dioramas.

STREAM instructor Michelle Stockey sees the children’s evolution.

“Teamwork becomes easier with a common goal, and their problem-solving skills become sharper and sharper,” she said.

The students are also use talents to help in the community.

During the winter months, students used their recess time to make mats and blankets out of plastic bags for the homeless, Zetty said.

“Students are very in tune with community service. There are children coming to me with ideas on how to serve,” she said. “With the blankets and mats, the younger children are tying the bags, and the older ones are learning how to knit them together.”

In November, students welcomed and honored area veterans and their families with a music and art program.

“We want to make the world a better place for us to grow into,” said sixth-grader Kamara Holmes. “Our projects for the community have a purpose, and it helps us to live our faith by caring for others.”

— Lori Padilla

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