Student Spotlight – Domenic Dellemonache, Grade 8

Domenic Dellemonache, Grade 8

St. Gertrude Parish, Vandergrift

Parents: Eugene and Crystal Dellemonache

Domenic is an exemplary student, a model Catholic and a kind, morally upright person. He is an honorable, righteous person.
Domenic is a history buff and has a strong interest in science. His conscientious attitude and exemplary work ethic are the reasons he excels in academics, having a 4.0 throughout middle school.
He is a member of the band, track and field team, two robotic clubs, Kindness Club and Betelgeuse Science Club. He holds a red belt in taekwondo and participates in hunting and trap shooting.
At his parish, he is an altar server and member of the youth ministry. He is a reader for school Masses and is one of the voices that offers morning/afternoon prayer, announcements and dismissal.

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