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Catholic Education

Catholic Education is Affordable

The Diocese of Greensburg now has $4.1 million in scholarships and tuition assistance available for the 12 Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Greensburg this year.

Am I eligible?

Students are eligible for scholarships from this state-sponsored program if their household income is not more than $100,608 (for a family with
one child). That eligibility requirement rises $15,608 for each additional child.

Students who live within the boundaries of a low-achieving school, as determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and meet income requirements also are eligible to receive

How do I apply?

For eligibility and application questions, contact your school of interest to register for an open house, private tour or to receive information packet. 

How do I contribute to this program?

Businesses and individuals with a Pennsylvania state tax liability can participate in this program. For information, contact Mike Lucotch, Director of Development for the diocese, at 724-522-2503 

Dr. Maureen Marsteller
Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Jesus is always with us, figuratively holding our hand, accompanying us on life’s journey.

At the beginning of each new school year, we see many parents and children holding hands as they approach the doors of the schools. What is not visible is Jesus holding their hands
and walking with them.

In our Catholic schools, this invisible bond with Jesus is made visible on a daily basis because we invite him to hold our hand as we pray and study our faith. We are allowed to speak of Jesus’ presence in our lives, and we actively teach our students that Jesus is walking with them, holding their hands, through triumphs and trials, so they feel safe and loved.

As a result of my own Catholic school education, I always rely upon this blessed assurance because spirituality permeated my education and was cultivated throughout my young life. To have been able to attend a school where my spiritual well-being was paramount was a true blessing that has lasted me a lifetime through many triumphs and tragedies. Not only have I relied upon Jesus to hold my hand but to carry me as well, because I know he can and will.

I urge you to please explore the opportunity to provide your children with the ability to walk with Jesus daily throughout their studies. The experience is transformative for children
and perhaps for you. Financial aid is provided by generous donors who have extended their hands to those who would otherwise be unable to afford this life-enhancing education.

A spiritual education far exceeds any other type of education. It brings you closer to your friend, Jesus, who is always holding your hand to keep you safe and let you know you are loved.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.