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Tuition Opportunity Partnership

About the Program

A Groundbreaking scholarship opportunity has been established for students who wish to attend a Catholic school in the Diocese of Greensburg. That scholarship opportunity is called the Saint Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership.

The TOP student initiative was founded by anonymous donors from the local business community who received Catholic educations and were profoundly influenced by Saint Pope John Paul II. The donors believe that their Catholic faith, education and moral foundation gave them a great advantage in life. The donors, along with more than 100 others, have become strong supporters of Catholic schools. Their $2.4 million commitment combined with $1.7 million in existing funds the diocese has received from donors participating in Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program now make $4.1 million in scholarships and tuition assistance available for the 12 Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Greensburg.

The Catholic School Advantage

The Diocese of Greensburg Catholic Schools provide a caring environment where children can talk openly about faith in a high-tech academic atmosphere.

  • The student to teacher ratio is 13-to-1.
  • The high school graduation rate is 100%.
  • 97% of our graduates go to college.
  • We teach children respect of self and others.
  • We instill the value of service to others in every student.
  • We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed.
  • We prepare students to be productive citizens and future leaders.

St. Pope John Paul II

America magazine wrote that Saint Pope John Paul II left a legacy of being one of the most important world leaders in the second half of the 20th century. He was a man of conviction and principle who built bridges of peace between people of different countries and religions. He was a preacher and a teacher who drew historic crowds of men, women and children all yearning to be closer to God. He was front and center on the global stage as a defender of human dignity writing that, “Every threat to human dignity and life must necessarily be felt in the Church’s very heart.”

He believed that Catholic schools should be supported because they are critical to the formation and inspiration of young people. Children who receive a faith-based Catholic education have the tools they need to develop a solid moral foundation so that they can become good and independent citizens of the world who, like Christ’s Disciples, follow Jesus’ commands to love and serve God and their neighbors.

“Nobody is so poor he has nothing to give, and nobody is so rich he has nothing to receive.” – Saint Pope John Paul II

How It Works

The parent or guardian of an interested student should call or visit www.catholicschoolsguide.org or call 724-552-2565 to arrange an in-person interview with the designated outreach and admissions coordinator to begin the process of applying for the Saint Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership.

The family must then demonstrate a financial need and express a willingness to provide some financial contribution to the cost of the education and agree to support the child’s academic progress. This will include the completion of the FACTS Grant and Aid application so that alternative sources of funding, such as EITC assistance, may be used for tuition assistance as well. However, the parent/guardian does not have to qualify for low income assistance to be eligible for participation in the partnership.

The student must demonstrate evidence of academic commitment and an enthusiasm for learning as well as a willingness to participate in at least one activity at the student’s local parish or faith community.

The family, along with the student, must demonstrate their commitment to the school as well as to their parish or denominational church through the donation of time, talent or treasure as able. They should earn recognition as valued servant leaders.

The family must be registered members, or be willing to become members, of a faith community.

Support the Program

Today, many underserved children in Western Pennsylvania face disadvantages similar to the 30 million immigrants at the turn of the century; they relocated to the United States from countries like Ireland, Italy and Poland and were welcomed into Catholic Schools. Today we are at a similar crossroads. In the public education system many would not have the life-changing mentorship and leadership opportunities in an openly Christian environment that are available to children in Catholic school communities.

Families interested in participating in the Saint Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership will be matched with an outreach and admissions coordinator who will accompany them through the application process.

The coordinator will serve as a caring and committed consultant, providing personalized attention to students and their families so that every question along the way can be answered.

Bishop Edward C. Malesic and all the clergy of the Diocese of Greensburg are committed to caring for the spiritual needs of every student in the Saint Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership so that each can deepen their faith, develop a personal relationship with Christ, enhance their self-esteem, and enjoy hope, joy and love of life.

This is an opportunity for evangelization to all faiths.

The Saint Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership can provide a Catholic education for any family who wants to enroll a child into a Catholic school regardless of their financial situation.

Become a Partner of TOP students.

Contact Michael Lucotch, Director of Development, 724-552-2503


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