Student Spotlight – Jillian Balena, Grade 11

Jillian Balena, Grade 11

St. John the Evangelist Parish, Connellsville

Parent: Lori Balena

Jillian is involved in virtually every facet of our school, her community and parish while battling cystinuria, a chronic kidney disease that at times has debilitating symptoms. She continues her involvement in all phases of her life and does it with a great attitude.
Jillian lists cheerleading, theater, chamber ensemble, Show Stoppers, Spanish National Honor Society, National Honor Society, 4.0 Penn State Club, Math League, Student Council, eucharistic ministry, youth ministry, dance and tutoring among her many activities.
Jillian is a force of nature. No task is too daunting, and everything she does, she does with great passion. She is truly an asset to our school, our community and her family.

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