Greensburg Central Catholic Families Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

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GREENSBURG — Greensburg Central Catholic families assisted Ukrainian families with their move to Greensburg last weekend.

These families fled from the war-torn country of Ukraine, and more specifically the city of Dnipro, which has experienced intensive bombing by the Russians. Entire neighborhoods in Dnipro have been obliterated by Russian air strikes.

The families were given refugee status through a government initiative called Uniting for Ukraine, which enables them to legally live, work or attend school and worship in the United States while they are on the path to U.S. citizenship.

Through the cooperation of Westmoreland County Economic Development officials, Catholic Charities, the Diocese of Greensburg, the local Ukrainian Catholic Community and a number of area business, including Scott Electric and Redstone Highlands, Ukrainian families were linked with employment and housing.

This is excellent news for families who, by no choice of their own, were forced to flee their homes and all that was familiar to them. But much work still needs to be done. In our Diocese alone, there are more than 100 families on our waiting list to resettle here.

Here is a donation link for anyone who would like to assist Catholic Charities in this process.

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